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All-Knowing Goddess

Essentially, the other me is an all-knowing goddess. Yes, with a lowercase “g.” Kind of like how Batman is a superhero, but his superpowers are having lots of money and cool, high tech gadgets.  Well, my cool gadgets are books. As a matter of fact, I read a wide variety of things and feel a … Continue reading »

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Fluidity of Life

How fitting that Earth began as a gas that condensed and gave rise to such a watery planet. The fluids of our primordial soup led to our destiny of always being in flux. We live within interacting environmental systems and internal systems, which sustain us. We create artificial systems of government, society, religion, and economy … Continue reading »

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In a Bind

I’ve had bunions for years. My philosophy used to be, if they don’t bother me, then I won’t bother them. They’ve never hurt nor caused me trouble as far as buying shoes is concerned. Then, a few weeks ago in yoga, I noticed it: my left toe encroaching upon the second toe. Such a small … Continue reading »

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Looming Dead End

A dead end makes no sound as you approach it. No death rattle, no warning shot, no continuous beeps until you stop. Even as you bump your head against it, walk parallel to it while running your fingers along its impenetrable wall, most of the sounds you hear are inside your own head. That frustrating … Continue reading »

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Elements & Math

In the beginning of scientific thought, there were only four elements: air, water, earth and fire. Alongside those elements developed a very precise philosophy, founded in observation and used for prediction and abstract logic, called math.   Air (Deep inhale and exhale) did you experience that not the scent, but the air breathe in the … Continue reading »

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Just Sightseeing

One reoccurring thing Mom said when she took us girls out shopping to a new place and made a wrong turn was, “Kids, we’re not lost. We’re just sightseeing.” Now, the first time Mom used that line, I fell for it since I was the youngest while my two older sisters helped her navigate. Back … Continue reading »

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How Not to Be Smug

In an effort to reach across the aisle, I’m working on my smugness. But it’s hard. I read a lot and from a wide variety. Not just to be a know-it-all, but because I’m a writer. I like researching to broaden my understanding of things, even to the point of watching The Hannity Show after … Continue reading »

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Black Hair Products

Are you a white person with thick, curly or unruly hair? If so, now’s the perfect time to try mixed race and black hair products. Shampoos, conditioners, various hair dressings and oils marketed to black people may be just the thing your uncontrollable hair is screaming for. Just imagine being able to control the frizzies. … Continue reading »

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Lloyd’s Survey

Below is the text portion of the survey that I filled out for Congressman Lloyd Doggett.  Dear Congressman Doggett, I am currently a health insurance agent and I wish I could play some of the heartbreaking recorded conversations that I have with sick and/or poor individuals who cannot receive affordable healthcare coverage due to preexisting conditions … Continue reading »

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Capitalism Trumps the Handicapped

At the end of a shitty week, all I looked forward to was happy hour with a good friend at one of our favorite local Mexican restaurants. Cars had already filled the tiny parking lot. As I drove up to the handicapped parking spaces, my bad mood worsened. A long plastic table occupied a handicapped … Continue reading »

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