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1st Year Freelancing Anniversary

The beautiful thing about trying something new is opening myself up to new experiences. As a highly analytical person, I strategize to maneuver through life as best I can. So, just before resigning from teaching science at a public school, I’d paid off all debt, made a budget and tested the freelance waters. I found a couple … Continue reading »

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Finding My Sweet Spot

On Thursday, I attended a volunteer celebration, hosted by an art organization. Now that I’m a freelance writer/editor, I use every social opportunity as a chance to network. I’d schmoozed with several people before getting a drink. I talked even more before working my way to the food table. For one such encounter, a woman … Continue reading »

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Nearly Transitioned

In less than a month, I’m officially a freelance editor. Tomorrow, I have a telephone interview; so I may add “freelance writer” to my list of descriptive titles. As much as I’ve enjoyed this time, I don’t quite feel as if I have completely acclimated to my new career status. It’s not merely the flexible … Continue reading »

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