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Elements & Math

Posted by on June 18, 2017

In the beginning of scientific thought, there were only four elements: air, water, earth and fire. Alongside those elements developed a very precise philosophy, founded in observation and used for prediction and abstract logic, called math.



(Deep inhale and exhale)

did you experience that

not the scent, but the air

breathe in the fresh

breathe out the stale

breathing in

properly called inspiration

that delightful tickling

of lots of oxygen to the brain

answer me this

do we yawn so much when sleepy

to stimulate brain activity

or to wake ourselves up

enough to find a good place to sleep



From our watery birth

Into our watery world

The most important liquid

Reacts unlike others

Expanding when frozen

Becoming less dense

So vital, it’s a part of two

Biogeochemical cycles

Respiration and photosynthesis

One breaks down sugar with oxygen

While creating carbon dioxide and water

The other captures the sun’s energy and uses water and CO2

To build sugar and release oxygen



In and around the most complex substrate

Called Earth

Lowercase earth reminds us

It’s nothing exotic

Like being down to earth

Uppercase Earth reminds us

It’s unique

Supporting life like no other

Known planet

To think

We live on a slowly cooling

Dynamic and massive

Ball of gas



Just like a passionate person

Not only is the fire inside

But can be recreated

By many methods

Springing forth from the earth

Piercing down in lightning bolts

And every heated thing in between



We all know it’s just numbers

There’s no need to rant

There are only three types of people

Those who can count

And those who can’t



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