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Fluidity of Life

Posted by on July 23, 2017

How fitting that Earth began as a gas that condensed and gave rise to such a watery planet. The fluids of our primordial soup led to our destiny of always being in flux. We live within interacting environmental systems and internal systems, which sustain us.

We create artificial systems of government, society, religion, and economy that tend to clash with the flow of the natural systems. Pure human hubris have led our species to believe that we command the natural systems without much regard to the consequences to our actions. As if everything we see and want we should consume, not giving much thought to the biogeochemical systems that brought those resources into existence.

At the same time, when we are exhilarated by an activity we’re doing, we harken back to our fluidity by saying we’re in the flow. Or when we are overwhelmed, someone reminds us to “go with the flow.”

The flow is inescapable. My only wish for humanity is that we increasingly work with the natural systemic flows and stop being destructive obstacles that block the flow. We’re making ourselves sick and destroying our habitat. For all of our collective intelligence, what good will any of our cultures, innovations, wit and almighty currencies be if ultimately we destroy ourselves?

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