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Graduation Gift 2017

Posted by on August 6, 2017

When my first niece graduated from high school, I gifted her a hand-made, monogramed laundry bag. It didn’t last too long. Since I learned my lesson, I bought a laundry bag to personalize for my other niece. Thanks to my handy chalk pencil, I outlined a rough draft message.Although I had a rainbow’s worth of colors to choose from, I selected four.

This was the first time I used 3D fabric paint, but I had very little trouble with it except keeping the pressure consistent. Nonetheless, I smoothed out the paint to make it look the same.

I presented the gift to my niece, and to my horror, the paint had stuck to itself while in transport. I had to pull it apart much harder than I wanted to, but at least the damage was minimal and she was happy with the message.

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