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47th Birthday Celebration

Posted by on September 17, 2017

So my celebration began the day before my actual birthday. I normally work from home, but once a month, we all gather into the office to work, receiving additional training. This in-office training was special since our team leader had baked two birthday cakes: a chocolate one for me and a traditional Italian family recipe for a coworker.

As if that wasn’t enough, she’d also brought us a gift bag. I figured my gift bag was mainly to conceal the boxed Malbec inside. I had a lackluster sales day, but a wonderful start to my celebration.For my actual birthday, I slept in, took the 10AM Bikram class, then ate at a nearby restaurant to re-tox. One of my good friends met me there.For the first time, I tried their toasted coconut margarita. It was tasty, but would’ve been better with actual coconut cream.As part of my birthday treat, the restaurant gifted me “good karma guacamole,” made fresh right at the table. Then I ordered two tacos: steak and bacon-wrapped shrimp–all meats that I don’t normally eat.

The restaurant also gave me a complimentary dessert: an ancho brownie sundae.  Unfortunately, my friend has gluten sensitivity; so I stuffed most of that delicious brownie into my gut.

I returned to work on Friday, but it was the second Friday in the week and lovely.  I took my usual Friday afterwork swim.

After a Saturday afternoon Bikram class, I met another friend at the same conveniently located restaurant. This time, we caught the tail end of their ever-so-delicious buffet and reconnected. The best thing about meeting one friend at a time for lunch is brainstorming and venting many ideas in a short space of time.

Sunday, which was Mom’s 77th birthday, I hosted the Austin Writers Roulette, which is always a creative and worthy way to round out the weekend, much less my birthday. Our theme was “Ol’ School Soul Food.” I recounted all the delicious foods from my childhood, including the butter!

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