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Holiday Celebration 2017

Posted by on December 24, 2017

Who would have thought that nearly a year ago at the holiday party sponsored by the company we all worked for, where we all shared the same round table, would turn out to be prophetic? During the course of 2017, we all grew tired of having our talent squandered, and being under paid and over managed. By the end of September, we all worked for the same company as independent health insurance agents.

I’ve told everyone who’d listen that I started living my “happily ever after” when I had control of my schedule and earned enough money to pay my expenses, pay down my debt, while still working fewer than 40 hours a week.  I’d previously thought that the first thing I’d buy myself once I got out of debt would be a more comfortable office chair. When that great day arrives, I’ll buy a new phone instead.

What I discovered was that I didn’t need a more comfortable chair, I needed a more comfortable job! Now that my work doesn’t require me to sit on my ass 40 hours a week, I spend far more time living life than earning a living. That in and of itself is more than enough reason to celebrate.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed getting together with coworkers, dressing up, and having very lively conversations, which cleared all of the other tables around us, as we ate delicious Colombian food after doing a shot of aguadiente (fire water).  I sipped mine since I rarely do shots.  I want to enjoy my alcohol.

We have supported one another through this health insurance agent journey for over a year now. The other ladies bought gifts. I chose to make everyone cards. Tears welled up in two of my coworkers’ eyes. How sad it is that we have so many means of communication and yet, we hardly ever tell one another the qualities we admire in each other. Or truly thank someone for good advice they gave us or the impact they made when they took the time to help us.  Even the small gestures that turned out to have a significant, life-altering result. I’m just happy I took the opportunity to tell them all the positive things that I see in them and how they have helped me become a better agent and person.

We plan to get together once a month since we no longer have regularly scheduled meetings. I love not only the shared experience we have, but the informal professional development we provide for one another. It’s terrific to have a support group to count on, which we use to improve. One thing’s for sure, we’re all visualizing ourselves making six figures for 2018. The best part about that is that we will hold one another accountable throughout the year.

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