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2017 NYE: Bikram Yoga

Posted by on January 14, 2018

For the first time ever, ringing in the new year at a yoga class sounded like a good idea. Actually, I went out dancing on the eve of New Year’s Eve, which was fun until the next morning. If I were inclined to make new year’s resolutions, it may be to stop dancing salsa with younger men. They are a little too energetic for my left knee. A festive table greeted those of us who braved through the miraculous snowdrift. Had I known it would snow, I may have stayed home to watch it all unfold on TV. This was the second time snow had fallen in Austin in the eight years that I’ve lived here with the first time being a few weeks ago. Both times, I was caught by surprise out in it.I’d confirmed that we’d toast with sparkling apple cider and not champagne prior to class, but during class, I heard the yoga teacher ask her husband, “How’s the Korean barbecue going?” and for some stupid reason, I believed we were going to have that with the cider. Just goes to show how gullible I can be doing yoga that late at night.Most of the bright lights were outside the hot room in the reception area. The disco ball and mirrored walls reflected the disco lights and a speaker belted out a set list. The yoga teacher didn’t turn down the music as she guided us through class; so I missed some of her signals to go into a posture or change it. As a matter of fact, I was glad I had the habit of setting up in the front of the room or else I would not have been able to see myself in the mirror.

The class ended minutes before midnight and we toasted while in the yoga room. People cleared out rather quickly, which meant I could hop in the shower without having to wait in line. As I stood in the women’s locker room with a towel wrapped around my nakedness and applied deodorant, I heard a small crowd in the lobby yell, “Happy New Year!” Welp, that was just as good as any way to ring in a new year, I guess.

Fortunately, the snow had melted and the roads were clear. I only snapped this picture of a light dusting of snow on one of my neighbor’s car once I arrived home–before I got out of my car. I missed the opportunity to take a single picture of the first snowfall a few weeks ago, thinking it would stick around for a bit. So far, none of it has.

This had been the first Christmas to New Year’s vacation I’ve enjoyed in a long time. Not only did I ring in the New Year at a Bikram yoga studio, but I’m also participating in the yoga challenge by attending a class 6 days a week. That’s truly helping the ever-present rollercoaster ride of being an independent health insurance agent!

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