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Tribe of One PR

For Immediate Release

Contact: Teresa Y. Roberson



Single, sexy, powerful women unite. In new author Teresa Y. Roberson’s outrageously naughty debut, Tribe of One, the band gets together to sing a common refrain. Yes, where have all the good men gone? For anyone who loves a saucy and daring tale of female espionage and uncanny spy tactics with great sex scenes, this is a book that shows how one woman exacted a smart model to find Mr. Right only to discover that romantic happiness cannot be reduced to a formula.

Salome is a high school biology teacher. She loves her students. She loves her work. She loves her friends. Heck, life really is good. Still, when it comes down to it and Salome shows her cards what she really wants is a good man to share her life with. This isn’t to say that she’s willing to roll over or play dead or dumb, but she is nearly certain that there must be a man looking for a smart woman. One would hope, but in this tale of modern twisted love in all its folly, she decides to take a methodic, well-considered, nearly scientific approach. As she outlines a course of action to attract Mr. Right and maintain her IQ, her fiery, funny friends Jenna and Stacey witness a bold transformation. If it all comes down to sex and happenstance, then maybe being a tribe of one isn’t so bad. Maybe “happily ever after” means sticking to your guns and being content with the woman you’ve become.


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