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Who Is She

Who is she

Your mother

First lover

A feminine ideal

When we first met

You knew exactly who you wanted me to be

But I am not she

Even a doctor asks about my past

Before a prescription is written

Yet you intuit the changes in me

That need to be made

To align me closer to


Your deceased sister

Your kindergarten teacher

Your favorite porn star

She who you try to recreate

In every other interesting woman

Who happens to cross your path

The fiery battle ensues

Over who I will be

Your suggestions spurned

Your transformation of me burned

You grumble about how all women are the same

The punisher

The irritator

The heartbreaker

There’s no convincing you

That not all women are She

Least of all not Me

The universal roles I play




But none of those

Do you want

Double X chromosome

Makes me female

But not


Who is she

Who was she

Past or present

Real or imagined

I’ll never know

I only know myself