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Teacher’s Comment

Your child is a pleasure to have in class.

Sometimes I want to whip his ass.

If he doesn’t stop playing

I will start saying

“I’m sorry; he’s not going to pass.”

Your child’s work is sparse.

He’d better start moving his arse.

He needs to improve

Or down he shall move.

His grade is currently a farce.

Your daughter’s very loquacious.

Her attire is rather bodacious.

This educational institution

Isn’t a house of prostitution.

Her thinking is quite fallacious.

Your son’s always roaming the halls.

When in class, he climbs the walls.

He needs to chill out.

He’d being a lout.

He’s gonna get strung up by the balls.

Your son’s constantly flashing his pearlies.

Flirting with all the girlies.

This Romeo needs to quit.

He’s starting a lot of shit.

He’s gonna get kicked in the short and curlies.

Your son thinks he’s slick.

Every day he’s trying a new trick.

His antics aren’t clever.

His tongue’s like leather.

In my professional opinion, he’s a prick.

Your daughter is a tattletale.

Spreading lies over the hill and dale.

This little drama queen

Repeats words that are mean

Was this girl spawn in hell?