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Love Letter Poem

Got this

Quixotic-erotic attraction

To you

Keep visualizing myself

Charging your wall

Bumping my head against


Yet I keep a-coming

Thinking that any contact is

A connection

To the mouth-watering

Sweet confection

Armenian dream ice cream

I need a triple scoop with

Hot passion fudge

Plenty of nuts and

Whip cream in the

Choicest places

Especially my

Sweety spot

Want to dab

Your sense of humor

Behind my ears

Every day

Bathe myself in

Your pheromone-rich


Which triggers my

Cascading hormones

When are you gonna explore

MY unchartered territory

Mr. Senior Staff Scientist

I have

Flora and fauna

Mountains and streams

Valleys and rivers

Imagination and dreams


About the beautiful day

When we can

Be together

I love the way

You express yourself

Verbally and musically

I love your creativity

Sense of adventure and wit

I love your dainty

Dexterous hands

I love your attractive

Expressive eyes

I love how determined

You are

Not to let life

Whip your ass

I love the way

You make me feel

When I’m with you

No matter where we

Happen to be

I’d love to share

My life with you

Wish I could

Lace this with


So these words would

Come true

My only regret is

I didn’t

Kiss every word