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AWL Resignation Letter

Posted by on September 24, 2017

Dear Team Jedi Leadership

No longer drinking the Kool-Aid, not even a sip

Although my work was diligent

I received little compensation for my talent

Just an increasing bullwhip


If there’s truly an angel among us

She’d be S. Thomas

Such positivity and support

Even when she was in my cohort

Having her as my TL was definitely a plus


Yet TLs have limited power

Having very few options when the team starts to sour

To upper management (UM), they can suggest

Things that would incentivize their agents best

But UM reacts with such dour


Mass exodus of agents who felt daunted

Here are the incentives that we wanted:

More products, higher commissions, quarterly raises

NOT decelerators, punitive LBs and hipchat praises

Instead of feeling appreciated, we felt taunted


Even after going the extra mile

Earning a P&C license, ‘cause that’s my style

I was denied my dream

Of transferring to a more lucrative team

To languish in a situation I found vile


So I researched a new Plan B

Since a dead end is no place for me

I’m less productive when bored

A new opportunity I’ve scored

For success glass-ceiling free








One Response to AWL Resignation Letter

  1. Carla Roberson

    Yes, the call has been answered! No one is in charge of your destiny but you/God. Find your happiness. And you did! Congratulations!!!!!

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